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At Fabios its no secret we love Gelato, it’s a real passion of ours. We know everyone has been crying out for us to attend external events... Secretly the last few months a few events have been tried and tested.

In Adam's search for the perfect vanilla it led him into starting his own ice-cream business. On looking for a partner to create delicious gelato to serve, he searched high and low, far and wide, to find the right people to work with. After an exhaustive search trying every flavour under the sun, Adam met myself and Hannah.

"In Fabio, I found a fellow gelato obsessed ‘nerd’, with a passion for using the absolute best ingredients and coming up with outstanding flavour options."

On meeting Adam, we have found an events team that we can trust to deliver a professional and knowledgeable ice-cream event service, looking after the customer and our precious Gelato.

"I love working with Fabio and Hannah, what they make for us is outstanding, their passion for perfection is as refreshing as the Sorrento Lemon & Lime Sorbet we often serve at our events. I love to geek out and luckily so does Fabio, after all, he is the man that created the legendary Pickle Rick gherkin ice-cream last year for the launch of Rick & Morty’s latest season. This is a man after my own geek heart and I feel very lucky to have him as our gelato partner. He is always coming up with really innovative flavours that taste amazing and are great fun as well."

If you want to have Fabios Gelato at your special event get in touch with ourselves or Adam directly at

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