Sprinkle Explosion	Layer 1 - Vanilla Gelato	Layer 2 - Vanilla Gelato	Drip - White Chocolate	Toppings - Lots of sprinkle themed toppings!	Base Sponge - Madeira Our ice cream cakes are handmade in our restaurants using high quality ingredients. They all feature a combination of two flavours, with sauce and toppings. All cakes must be collected within 72hrs of receiving the collection email/phone call.Cakes not collected will be donated to charity.

Sprinkle Explosion - Gelato Cake

  • Store in the freezer at home in our packaging at -20deg


    Pop into the fridge 15-20mins before serving, this brings the gelato up to temperature -15deg making it soft and delcious to cut and eat.


    Cakes serves 8-12 portions (Cake weight about 1.5kg)

    Cake Size 30cm Diameter x 12cm Height